Effortlessly practical, Fauré Le Page’s Daily Battle collection is structured yet supple and has four shapes in different sizes. The totes in the collection are armed with the cartridge holder that symbolizes skill in amorous combat and are now used for personalizing with initial medals.

Photo by Fauré Le Page

The Daily Battle classic is available in four different sizes, including the width of 27cm, 32cm, 37cm and 41cm in seven colours that reference the Maison’s vibrant history. Armed with opportunities, the Daily Battle Yellow Edges is available in two sizes 32 cm and 37 cm in eight colours. Perfect for conquering all the battlefields, from the workplace to the gym, the Daily Battle Vertical comes in 30 cm and 33 cm in four colours. Zipping through like a tireless brother in arms, the Daily Battle Zip 32 comes in seven colours.