Impeccable craftsmanship, love of “fatto a mano” (handicraft), respect for tradition and commitment to innovation.

The senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell are constantly stimulated by our creations, all of which contribute to the dream of creating a home “adapted” to your personality, your passions and your tastes.

Home is, after all, the place that best reflects our essence, that protects us from the outside world, but at the same time allows us to open ourselves to it, welcoming it within our own home walls. Italian culture and beauty have always been a source of inspiration for us, from which we have drawn images and memories.

Over the years, these elements have been reinterpreted into a unique lifestyle created in the spirit of Dolce Vita and joie de vivre.

Blu Mediterraneo, Leopardo, Carretto Siciliano, Zebra: the four themes of the collection come to life on table accessories, textiles and decorative objects that recall the lifestyle, respect for tradition and innovation that have always been part of Dolce&Gabbana DNA. The cushions, made of twill, duchesse, velvet or canvas and available in different sizes, are decorated with original prints or inspired by archival scarves and trimmings, referring to the world of leisure wear. Silk and wool jersey or jacquard blankets are available with illustrations of zebras and leopards; lightweight printed blankets are decorated with traditional Sicilian Carta or Blu Mediterraneo patterns. The tableware range includes, among others, porcelain plates printed and glazed with a brush to create a special relief effect characteristic of hand-decoration, and trays made of wood, hand-finished and varnished, or of aluminum with printed designs reflecting the themes of the collection. Decanters and glasses in blown Murano glass, a true tribute to Italian craftsmanship, are presented in different shapes and color combinations typical of the Sicilian card – from yellow, to red and green – or in dotted versions, the result of traditional Murano craftsmanship. From the freshness of citrus aromas to the elegance of floral notes, the collection of candles, made even more special by the creativity of the different packaging, brings the scents and colors of the Mediterranean into the home.

 And with this unique style Dolce&Gabbana Casa will continue to offer the purest beauty and absolute love for the Italian “fatto a mano” (handmade).