Bali’s beauty goes way deeper than its beautiful appearances. Balinese culture and traditions are very multifaceted and interesting for everyone to know. You can enjoy Bali’s culture through music, dance, architecture and even fashion. Balinese fashion is incredible, unique and authentic: traditional motifs, prints and ornaments, shapes and styles definitely distinguish Balinese fashion from all.

Visiting Bali we discovered a wonderful clothing brand Gingersnap Bali. Gingersnap Bali is a Designer Brand (French brand, based in Bali) who strive for unique, easy to wear outfits with a touch of Avant-Garde style. With 17 years of experience in the fashion industry, Gingersnap Bali has become a well known brand in Indonesia, especially Bali.

Igor Sergeev, WOW Magazine editor in chief, wearing Gingersnap Bali

Gingersnap Bali is one of the leading brands in Bali. This clothing brand cares about mother nature, thus it provides us sustainability clothing. Gingersnap Bali always uses natural fabrics, linen, cotton, rayon, jersey, silk and serves customers with the best materials ever. All of brand’s outfits are handmade, and they always produce capsule collections. Means they never mass produce anything and their collections are limited editions.

Jam and Jay, designers of Gingersnap Bali

The creative souls of the brand are Jay and Jam. Jam is a talented designer, who had already created his own clothing brand in France for nearly ten years, sold in Paris shops in rue Etienne Marcel and on tourist islands (Belle isle, Île de Ré, Peninsula of Rhuys). Jam decides to add to the collection line a rather streetwear element with definitely urban, modern and avant-garde touch.

Jay was, at that time, a dancer of Balinese sacred dances in the Hindu temples, and he was really attracted to all forms of art in general. His inspiration comes primarily from the street. That’s why he brings roundness and voluptuous shapes, sexier appearance that he sometimes constructs from secret fantasies: a colored piping that goes with dark color clothes, hand sewing last touch, a pocket lapel of boiled wool from Italy and so on.

The brand is always looking for new ideas and inspiration. They search around the globe for new styles unearthed by chance on a street corner. Additionally, they return from these journeys with indigenous accessories to make the most unique clothing yet.

Gingersnap Bali took part in various Fashion Shows: Bali Fashion Trend (2020), Malang Fashion Week (2021), Surabaya Fashion Parade (2021), Bali Fashion Festival (2022).

Gingersnap Bali has stores in different locations: 10 stores in Bali, and 1 store each in Jakarta, Surabaya & Labuan Bajo. They also distribute their outfits around the globe via online store.

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