The century-old brand has undergone a period of transformation, managing to retain its DNA and adapt to modern trends. Changes have been made to the brand’s logo, created back in the 90s. According to the company’s executives, the new design looks powerful and substantial, and is organic to the current digital environment. The iconic symbol of TOUS, the legendary teddy bear, is also changing and becoming three-dimensional.

The new slogan of the brand is ‘We craft a world of joy’. It conveys two core values: self-expression and creativity. This appeals to existing customers on the one hand, and attracts new ones on the other.

The TOUS identity reflects global trends and the brand’s place in the fashion category. The refreshed image harmoniously combines boldness, creativity and a sense of humour. There are also plans to increase the frequency of new product launches. Products from the new collection can already be seen in the advertising campaign.