Inspired by travels to Japan and experience working with renowned Japanese chefs, celebrity chef Silvena Rowe has introduced a new Sushi menu at Nassau. Located at Jumeirah Golf Estates, the menu has been thoughtfully created to appeal to the western palate. From classics such as Tuna Sushi and Salmon Sushi to all-time favourites such as Crazy Prawn Tempura and Crunchy California, the menu features a variety of flavours.

Photo by Nassau

Chef specials include rolls such as the Rocky Roll made from unagi, tempura prawn, crab stick wrapped with avocado and Dragon Maki made with grilled prawns wrapped with avocado, tuna and unagi covered with teriyaki sauce. The vegetarian options include the Asparagus Sushi and Avocado sushi. All are served with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

For sushi aficionados planning a date night or family dinner, Nassau also offers a stunning outdoor terrace, perfect for the last few winter days.