A lot of cryptocurrency and NFT projects have emerged recently. One of such projects is AMAZY, which will be launched in June 2022, and its developers are boldly claiming that they will quickly capture the international market and take the lead. After looking through their website and social media, here’s what we can share with you about this project.

AMAZY is a motivational fitness app with game elements. You just have to put on your fancy NFT sneakers and go for a walk or a run to earn AMT tokens. Move more to pump up your pair or earn new ones. In AMAZY, players can walk or run in teams. Each user will be able to sell, buy or rent a pair on the app’s trading floor.
The project was created by the AZUR GAMES team, which has developed dozens of mobile games with more than 2 billion installations.

AMAZY team

Artem Nikolaev, founder of AZUR GAMES – a company that ranks 3rd in the world in terms of the number of gaming applications downloads – 1.5 billion + downloads in 2021 (Google Play is in first place with 2.4 billion downloads);

Sergey Kosenko – 5.5M followers on Instagram, 130K+ community in the cryptochannel and the media agency Kosenko Media, which has been working with celebrities and bloggers of the CIS for 6 years;

Stanislav Zhupin, CPO. Crypto Enthusiast, Crypto Investor in 50+ projects;

Ilya Podoynitsyn, CTO. Launched 10+ blockchain products as CTO. Highly experienced in FinTech, NFT & DeFi development.

The developers of the project say their goal is to inspire as many people as possible to replace the screen of their laptop with fresh air; a passive lifestyle with a simple and interesting way of taking care of their health. Through gamification and move2earn mechanics, AMAZY will be able to attract millions of people to a healthier lifestyle.

AMAZY could be the first step into the world of Web3. Anyone without a cryptocurrency will be able to start earning and learn how to manage a decentralised wallet at the same time.

AMAZY is a lifestyle app that allows you to stay in shape and earn at the same time. Walk or jog in exclusive NFT sneakers inspired by your favorite bloggers and ifluencers. Do you want to try? Then visit AMAZY website or follow AMAZY Instagram