A personal brand is a powerful tool in career development that makes your image recognizable, gives you the opportunity to influence people and scale your business.

PR agency Papa Media will share its experience and give valuable advices on developing a personal brand!

Igor Sergeev, founder of the PR agency Papa Media

Papa Media asks the questions: Why it is so important to develop your personal brand?  How to properly position yourself and inspire confidence in your target audience? How to build the right promotion strategy?

In today’s world a strong personal brand is an advantage in the development of any person as a successful entrepreneur, businessman, expert, or in promoting business, project, or a particular product.

First of all promotion through a personal brand helps to build trust among the target audience, to get the opportunity to influence its opinion, to encourage certain actions, to influence choices and even to change the worldview.

The concept of “Personal brand” includes:

• skills and knowledge;

• strong personal qualities;

• reputation and professional competence;

• appearance and style;

• manner of speech;

• values ​​and beliefs;

• ideas and positions on certain issues.

A correctly chosen strategy and a well-built personal brand simplifies the process of finding useful contacts and communication with new people, helps to acquire profitable connections, get to know famous and public people: bloggers, experts and influencers, find partners and investors.

How to create and develop a personal brand?

Building a strong personal brand is a complex and time-consuming process that involves hard work on oneself.

1. Positioning.

First you should answer the questions: Who are you? What do you want to achieve? How can you help people? What position do you want to occupy in the market?

You should also highlight your beliefs, the personal qualities, the strengths you want to convey, your competitive advantage, your brand’s unique selling proposition and the reasons why people should appeal to you.

2. Definition of the target audience.

You need to get an idea of ​​who makes up your target audience: it is useful to make “customer portraits”, to identify their “prussure points”, so you can better understand the needs and expectations of the audience.

Knowing these details you will be able to properly present yourself and resonate with your target audience.

3. Personality, appearance and style.

To engage and interest people you need to draw their attention to your personality and appearance attributes: manner of speech, hairstyle, clothing style, distinctive features, visual details and behaviors that harmoniously complement the image you create.

4. Promotion strategy.

You should have accounts in all popular social networks. Particular attention should be paid to those social networks where your target audience is located to a greater extent. Consider original content and visuals for your social media to help engage your audience and convey the right message.

We advise you to have a professional photo session and share the story of your success, how you decided to start your own business.

How to develop and promote your personal brand

A personal brand will help promote social networks, a website, publications in well-known magazines and participation in various events.

1. Instagram is one of the main social networks for promoting a personal brand. Interesting and high-quality content, beautiful visuals, regular publication of posts with useful information, hashtags on the topic, location marks, publication of stories, live broadcasts, Reels-video, targeted advertising will help to significantly increase your reach and your recognition.

2. You Tube is a great promotional platform where you can post videos with useful content, peer reviews, videos about events and forums that you attended. Potential customers can find your videos based on search queries.

3. Tik Tok is a popular social network for entertainment content with a growing paying audience.

4. Telegram channel is a great opportunity to share useful information, announce upcoming events, share links to your new publications, expert articles.

5. Having a website will increase the significance and prestige of your personal brand: you can place your portfolio, successful client cases, reviews and prices on the website.

6. Take part in online and offline events, various forums and conferences in order to attract the attention of the audience and colleagues.

7. The publication of articles in magazines and thematic blogs contributes to the successful promotion of a personal brand.

Promotion of a personal brand is a profitable investment in the successful future of your business, which will work for you for many years and bring results. Use advice from PR agency Papa Media to build your strong personal brand.

This article is authored by Mariia Krummer a top manager of a consulting company Papa Pro.

Mariia Krummer