Papa Dubai is a luxurious location with its own unique bar philosophy, where each space has its own unique design and reveals the character of a certain premium spirit: Gin Point, Vodka Lane, Champagne Avenue, Rum Station, Whiskey Square, Mezcal Street, Tequila Road, Sake Alley, and Wine court. Everyone will find something to their liking: light and elegant, respectable and strong, authentic and interesting.

The distinguishing feature of Papa Dubai is its own mixological laboratory, where bartenders create astonishing exclusive cocktails. Each space presents world classics, as well as branded cocktails that can surprise even the most sophisticated connoisseur of the spirits!

The idea of this amazing concept belongs to its founder Natalia Freys. Natalia was able to combine 9 experimental bars in a bright and beautiful space, choose an exquisite decor, and gather a team of real professionals due to her bright and creative energy and tremendous experience. Natalia named the chain “Papa” in honor of her father.

Natalia Freys, founder and owner of Papa Dubai

The menu of Papa Dubai will not leave anyone indifferent! The varied menu offers to appreciate dishes from the talented Peruvian chef Emanuel Alvarado: ceviche, seafood, sushi, steaks – all dishes harmoniously complement the drinks presented in each space.

Also Papa Dubai offers its guests a spacious location with a total area of ​ ​ 1,500 m ² for business events, concerts and award ceremonies, private events. The special dinner for top speakers and VIP participants of the business forum “Another Level” by Papa Media took place in this gorgeous space in February.

Papa Dubai gives a new vision, a new life to familiar drinks, complementing them with non-standard solutions and invites you to an amazing journey of taste, color and original combinations!